28 Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Choose From

This guide is designed to encourage you to research and write your own essay on any subject of interest or that you have been tasked with. This list motivates making definitive comparisons and analyses between at least two subject-related areas. The list of essay topics is broad-based and should serve as an avenue for you to extend your own comparative analyses.

  1. Archeology – Compare both differences and similarities between ancient Mayan and Egyptian designs.

  2. Agriculture – Investigate the techniques used across different economic regions.

  3. Art history – Peruse the works of masters who worked and lived in different eras.

  4. Astronomy – Study the compositions of two or more planets and describe why they are different.

  5. Biology – Make analytical comparisons of the anatomies of human beings and primates or buy biology essay on the topic online.

  6. Botany – Open an enquiry into why plant species have different colors.

  7. Climatology – Explore why climate change is occurring by noting the differences between centuries.

  8. Cultural studies – An interesting area worth exploring is the cultural diversity of nations.

  9. Ecology – Compare samples of rocks from as near as your own natural region.

  10. Economics – A beginning point of study always worth exploring are the differences between capitalism and socialism.

  11. Engineering – Measure different techniques used in manufacturing processes of similar products.

  12. Entrepreneurial studies – Investigate and research ground-breaking and successful innovations.

  13. Ethics – Take a philosophical approach towards what influences acceptable human behavior.

  14. Food technology – Align this project closely with that of cultural studies.

  15. Geography – Begin with the map of the world and study each continent’s land mass and topography.

  16. Geology – Align and compare this area with ecology.

  17. History – Look closely at how your own nation has changed or evolved since its birth or independence.

  18. Human rights – Take an empathetic or dispassionate view to why this fundamental principle is being propagated.

  19. Law – Have a look at why state laws differ across states.

  20. Literature – Do a literary review of at least two works written by award-winning authors.

  21. Medicine – Make a comparison between chemical processes and natural remedies.

  22. Politics – Do a proactive study on the differences between democracy and authoritarian statehood.

  23. Religion – Begin by asking why there are so many different religions today.

  24. Robotics – Study why it is argued that robots are more efficient than humans.

  25. Science – Choose any two biographical examples and make comparisons of their work.

  26. Psychology – Do a study of Freud and Jung and see if you can detect any differences in their theories.

  27. Physiology – Align this field of study with biology and investigate its differences.

  28. Zoology – Do comparative analyses between different species.

These topics will get you started on a good comparison and contrast paper that interests you.


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