The 10 Best Essay Topics For Your Next Academic Paper

When you set out to write your next academic paper, there are many potential topics from which to choose. Of course, selecting the right topics can be quite an arduous process, one full of stress. If you want some help searching for the 10 best essay topics for your next academic paper, consider the topics below. Remember though that these topics are only meant as a guide.

When you are trying to write your academic paper look over the sections below and see if any of them suit you. You might have to tweak the information listed a bit so that it meets with your assignment details.

  1. You can write about the food production industry today in America and what little it has actually done to help combat childhood obesity and what great things he has done to worsen childhood obesity. Far too few Americans recognize that the food processing and manufacturing industries have claimed to help reduce childhood obesity by putting out fat free or reduced fat items on shelves but what they failed to state to the American public is that fat free items like this actually contained twice as much sugar if not more and are harmful to children.
  2. You can write about the food products being served in elementary schools and middle schools and focus your paper on the recent changes to the nutritional information which have categorized school grade pizza as a vegetable.
  3. You can write about water scarcity and why certain areas who are currently enduring severe drought do not seem as frightened as they ought to be because the news focuses on other topics.
  4. You can write about recidivism rates and be a statistical correlation between children whose parents are in gangs joining gangs themselves.
  5. You can write about the current instability in the Middle East and focus on one or more countries.
  6. You can write about the condition of the micro states throughout Europe.
  7. You can write a paper that focuses on the cognitive benefits of playing a musical instrument and why music is not considered a core curriculum component for many school districts.
  8. You can focus your paper on the overuse of litigation in America and how it has permanently altered the state of mind of many Americans who today think that they are entitled to things because they can sue if ever they are dissatisfied.
  9. You can focus your essay on scare tactics used by certain large governments like Russia in areas like Ukraine.
  10. You can write about how diets are misleading and end up causing more weight gain.

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