How to Come Up with a Good Topic for Your Essay: Tips and Examples

Writing an essay is one of the many assignments that students get during their studies. This is an interesting task that requires students to use their writing skills. The key element of a successful paper is a good topic. Often, students are free to choose what to write about. On the one hand, this is good for students who have some interesting ideas, but on the other hand, this might confuse students who don’t know how to come up with exciting topics. Here are some tips on this matter:

  • Select something that you like.
  • If you can choose any subject for your paper, it’s a chance to write about something that you really like, or about something which you’re interested in. In this case, your enthusiasm will be reflected in your writing. Both your teacher and ordinary readers will notice your excitement, which might result in a good grade.

  • Select something that you know.
  • Another way to choose a topic for your essay is to write about a subject in which you consider yourself an expert. This method is very effective because you won’t have to spend so much time on your research and will be able to raise deeper and better arguments. Your confidence will help you.

  • Select something that is interesting for everybody.
  • This option is also very good. Common themes might not be as exciting in comparison to your personal interests, but if you do thorough research and create a well-written paper, the chances of getting a good score will be much higher. However, try to avoid common topics that are used too often by students.

Now you know how to choose a topic for your essay. Here you may look at some decent examples:

  1. Humans are responsible for global climate change.
  2. The process of election in our country should be amended.
  3. Cheating in schools should be punished.
  4. The modern generation is too dependent on electronic gadgets.
  5. Using animals for research is unethical.
  6. The competency of a school should be measured by test scores.
  7. A child’s behavior is a reflection of the situation at home.
  8. Sex education in schools should be better to reduce the percentage of teen pregnancies.
  9. The government should spend more money on the space exploration program.
  10. Laziness is the key element of technology development.

Following the tips and looking on examples in this article, you’ll be able to find a decent topic for your essay.

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