Top 12 Topic Ideas For Writing An Expository Essay On Technologies

Writing an expository essay on technologies is something that a lot of us will not only find useful, but you will come to realize that this is something that you can relate to from time to time. Most of the topics that you might come to write about are things that you can relate to, things that you see almost every other day. It is because of this reason that writing an essay on technologies is one of the most common papers that you might ever have to work on. Just in case you do not know where to start, you can think in terms of this company and you will find all kinds of ideas to help you write one of the best papers you have ever done so far. The following are some really simple ideas that you can present the next time you are writing an expository essay on technology:

  1. Discuss some of the long term effects of interacting with technology on a daily basis, citing the negative and positive effects, and how to deal with them

  2. Kids under the age of 12 these days grow much faster in terms of access to technology than the college kids from back in the day. Discuss

  3. Discuss the role that technology has played in destroying the world, and how things might get worse in the near future

  4. Explain how social media has been used to champion for the rights of the oppressed in countries far and wide. Discuss how these changes can be effected by people who are not even within the proximity of the affected country

  5. Discuss how governments like China will behave in the future with respect to freedom of access to the internet

  6. The world is a global village thanks to the internet. Discuss, citing possible reasons why this is true

  7. Laptops were once purported to replace desktop computers, as is the case with tablet PCs and phablets to laptops these days. Discuss the possibility of extinction of either of these devices in favor of another

  8. Explain how human interaction has improved since the advent of social networking

  9. Discuss the impact that digital learning has brought in the educational sphere

  10. Censorships on the internet and controls are necessary for different purposes. Discuss

  11. Discuss how the digital world has made us lazier than we were in the past

  12. Students should thank Google and Wikipedia for their grades these days. Discuss.

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