The Main Principles Of Creating An Essay Title

Creating an effective essay title is often a challenging task. A good title should grab the reader’s attention and prompt on the content and tone of your work. Consider the following principles to name your paper well:

  • Write your essay first.
  • It is easier to craft a strong title after your paper is written. You know what you wrote and what you wanted to communicate in your piece of writing, and this is the best time to craft a final title on the basis of this information. Of course, you may have a rough title in mind before you set about writing. However, writers tend to reassess their ideas in the process of work, and it is more than likely that your rough title will need correction.

  • Define the tone of your writing.
  • Your title should match the tone of your work. If it is a serious academic paper, name it correspondingly. Don’t use silly or humorous phrases in such a title. However, if your work is written in a free narrative style, it will be fine to name it with a touch of humor.

  • Decide on the keywords that summarize your paper.
  • Look through your text and pick several keywords that explain the essence of your work. Brainstorm similar words and phrases that mean basically the same. By combining these words, you may name your paper well.

  • Use a standard formula.
  • There is a common formula for creating effective titles. It works well for papers of different levels. Start your title creatively, put a colon, and then explain what your essay will be about after the colon.

  • Start with a quote that represents the key idea of your work.
  • This trick is particularly helpful if you want to name a literary analysis paper. Apply a corresponding fragment from a suitable quote in your title.

  • Redo a popular catch phrase or cliché.
  • Short clichés are very catchy. The reader will easily recognize them and will be intrigued about why you used them in that context. Make sure that the phrases you use are appropriate for your work.

  • Play on words.
  • The best way to play on words is to combine ordinary and unexpected things in your title.

  • Use three words from your thesis.
  • If you are not good at being creative and original, just summarize your thesis statement. Use three keywords from it, put a colon, and hint at what your essay will be about. The gist of your work will be clearly presented this way.

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