List Of 12 Persuasive Essay Topics About The Negative Effects Of Propaganda

Propaganda refers to the application of communication for manipulating the beliefs of people with an eye to spreading a cause for institutions or people. It is sometimes utilized for encouraging people so that they develop negative view towards various things. Here are a few persuasive essay topics that are related to the negative effects of propaganda. Persuasive subjects are the topics of arguments, and the essay should be written with logic and reasoning:

Whether Facebook create isolation

Facebook is a social media platform which connects people and friends across the globe. People can communicate with friends at any part of the world through Facebook. However, some believe that spending an ample amount of time on this social media platform have caused losing contacts with masses in real life.

Whether we are too much dependent on technology

Technology has created many different opportunities, and they have played an indispensable role in making the life of people easier. However owing to the excessive dependence on it, people can no longer work without it.

Whether security cameras are an invasion of privacy

CCTV cameras have become paramount for protecting public and business. However, some people argue that since they are constantly under surveillance, this invades privacy.

Should citizens be allowed to keep exotic pets

People are authorized to take care of animals, and they can even keep them as pets for bestowing the right attention and affection. However keeping exotic pets can create a danger to the lives of other human beings.

While juveniles should be sentenced as adults

It goes without saying that a person should get the prerequisite punishment for committing a crime. However, many people believe that a minor is under the age of 18, and since the person has not become an adult, he should not be sentenced to strict punishments.

Whether corporations be allowed to advertise in schools

The cost for advertisement is very less in schools, and hence, they can be an excellent platform for the same. However, many of people believe that kids are there for learning and should focus on the same.

Whether fracking should be banned

Fracking contributes to being a very effective way of extracting natural gas. However, it is very harmful to the environment.

Whether college education should be free of cost for everyone

Many people believe that education is the right of every individual, and free education will add to the literacy rate of a nation. However, funds are necessary for smooth running of the institutions.

Whether the number of women in power should be more

Though the nation is advancing a lot, women in different parts of it are still lagging behind. Hence, many people believe that the number of women in ruling party should be more. However, some argue since these positions require very responsible persons, the authorities should be offered to the deserving people, irrespective of the gender.

Gun ownership should be tightly controlled

Guns are primarily owned for self-security. However, too many gun owners can be fatal for society.

Cigarettes should be more expensive

It goes without saying that smoking causes cancer and is harmful to health. Hence, many believe that the price of cigarettes should be high so that people stop buying them.

Whether high school admission should have mandatory entrance exam

Many believe that students should clear entrance exams for getting admission in schools. However, some argue that the child's brain is not highly developed, and it is not a wise decision to include entrance exams for admission in schools.

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