Tips For Selecting A Good Topic For An Informative Essay

I think most people like informative essays, because what they lack in analysis they do at least present you with the opportunity to play it straight down the line. You don’t have to worry about coming up with a killer argument. All you need to do is fully research your subject matter and then lay it out in a compelling and informative manner. Okay, so now that we have cleared that up, you might be procrastinating a little about your subject choice. Here are my top tips for selecting a good topic for an informative essay:

Find one with the wow factor

If a topic doesn’t reach out and grab you by the throat then how are you going to muster the enthusiasm to put in the due diligence and undertake the necessary research, let alone come up with an interesting informative paper? By selecting a topic that really gets you fired up you are far likelier to do whatever it takes.

Mash it up

Okay, so what I mean here is for you to take something that you are familiar with in your daily lives and then spin it a little to make it more interesting. Personally, I love essays that take me out of my comfort zone and still make me feel as though I have learned something by the end of it.

Choose something current

The key here is to pick something current but that people aren’t sick to death of. If you don’t already do so then start familiarizing yourself with your news channel, read a few newspapers online. By staying abreast of current affairs you are far likelier to be able to come up with a great subject that everyone wants to know more about.

Choose something controversial

Controversy can be a great hook, and pull people in. If you do go down this road then you will need to be doubly sure that your facts are spot on, otherwise you will only end up looking like a fool when someone calls you out on it!

Try and avoid what everyone else is doing

Sometimes, rather than having a suggested list that they hand down to their students, I think that teachers should have a “Don’t do” list. Think of it another way. Imagine you have a class full of thirty students that you task with writing an informative piece. Twenty-six of those then go onto submit the same subject. How would you feel if you were that teacher?

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