Creating An Excellent 5th Grade Cause And Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay is an excellent assignment that teaches 5th grade classes how to effectively explain how one action or event caused certain things or effects to happen afterwards. There are an endless amount of topic possibilities for this kind of assignment, making it a great tool towards learning key writing skills that will carry on through later grades and in professional life. Most 5th grade students won’t have a lot of experience in creating cause and effect essays, so here is what needs to be known about creating an excellent one:

Narrowing a large topic into something manageable

The first step in creating an excellent 5th grade cause and effect essay is narrowing a large topic into something manageable that a student of this level can tackle without being overwhelmed. The most important part of this assignment is to learn, through practice, how to provide a sound argument through good writing. A manageable topic will allow a student to accomplish this easily.

Arranging the paper assignment in an outline

This kind of assignment needs to be arranged logically so that any reader can understand just how the first part results in or leads to the next part. It helps to first construct an outline which details all of one’s discussion points in a clear manner. The outline should be referred to throughout each stage of writing.

Crafting an excellent thesis statement for the essay

A huge part of this composition assignment should be spent on properly crafting a thesis statement. Many students at this age will not be experienced with developing a single argument. A student should draft at least two or three versions of a thesis and continually work towards making it more precise and concise.

Getting all of the ideas down in the first draft

It’s generally a good idea to set one’s assignment aside for at least few hours before starting with a first draft. The break from work will encourage both creative and critical thought as a student returns to get down all of his or her ideas in a single sitting that goes uninterrupted with corrections.

Conducting a proper and thorough revision

Students should get into the habit of revising their work as early as possible, and this assignment certainly lends itself towards developing this practice. When revising, one should look for ways to improve an assignment by cutting out unnecessary parts, adding content or moving text to make the argument and presentation more logical.

Editing and proofread the cause and effect essay

The last step in creating a great paper is making sure one spends ample time editing and proofreading. There are tons of mistakes that could diminish the quality of one’s work, so it’s essential that one carefully goes through an entire piece a few times to eliminate those costly errors.

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