A List Of The Most Exciting School Argumentative Essay Topics


An argumentative or a persuasive essay is more like a speech. It involves a list of evidences, facts and figures. No one is going to respect your opinion when you are failed to support it with true and authentic evidences.

Instructions for writing an argumentative paper

Each paragraph of a body should have at least one strong evidence or supporting fact or statement. You can add additional information in the paragraph. So, supporting facts and evidences play an important role in an argumentative paper.

Selection of the topic

The topic should be debatable and unique. You have to see both of sides of the coin. When you are opposing one side, you have to give strong and solid reasoning, so that the reader can be compelled to your opinion. Criticism is always appreciated. You must adapt an argumentative tone.

The main idea or thesis statement

The next major thing is thesis statement or main idea. Your main idea is basically summary of your entire paper. You tell your reader the reason of writing your paper.


Mature writing is the skill that is required for composing such assignments. Your tone and style needs to be argumentative and critique. Without an argumentative style, one can never emphasis or convince someone on his opinion. It is not always necessary to agree with the topic of your paper.

Below is a list of exciting argumentative essay topics

  1. The violence shown in cartoons, videogames and movies badly affects child’s brain. Discuss

  2. Smoking can kill anybody. It should be banned. Justify

  3. Abuse of animals for research purpose is justified?

  4. Cousin marriages result in giving birth to immature babies and other brain diseases. justify

  5. Hitting and punishing students should be discouraged

  6. Bullying is becoming so common, even in those educational institutions where it is banned. Higher authorities should take radical steps to remove it

  7. Poverty in third-world countries should be eradicated. Since kids become unable to get food, shelter and education. Super powers should aid them by providing the essential resources

  8. Kids if born, out of country, should get nationality of that country.

  9. Hunting birds of endangered species is a crime

  10. Drinking and driving is bad for everybody

  11. Listening to music can improve your productivity

  12. Smoking and breastfeeding is not safe

  13. Abortion is more like killing someone. Should it be legal?


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